Look at everything first with silence

Yana Stoycheva

Opening: 3 May, Friday, 18:30
Gallery - bookstore "Sofia Press"

We live in a time when our contemplative abilities are threatened by dissipation.  This inevitably brings out every reason for everything we approve or not outside of us.  Explaining a solid position on a given subject in some cases becomes "proof" of the existence as a different entity, such as a feat against a vague opponent, domestic heroism, all for one-time noisy use.  A controversy arises, mostly based on subjective allegations.  In this closed circle, sometimes it turns out that we have bitten our own tail, and our good intentions of influence and change have not been materialized. Contemplation - from the Latin word contemplatio / templum - a sacred place where divination is done,  or a pilgrimage building, from the Indo-European term tem ("secluded place").  Used as a translation of the Greek word theory (Theoria).  "Concentrated perception that penetrates behind the visible nature of things and reaches their spiritual essence." The lack of contemplation robes our constructive abilities, deprives of the opportunity to be a conscious participant in the building of the world in which you want to exist.  With contemplation, responsibility arises.  It is the first step to every change in us and, as a result, to the change outside of us.  The contemplation happens in silence.  It is the foundation of every creation, because there is a sealed knowledge in it.  In order to witness its content, an unnamed sensation is needed, and in order to unlock it, we need contemplation. To observe this essence means to develop a particular "hearing" and "look", sensitivity to vacuum purity - the absence of sound and its manifestation in visual rhythm.  This is my experience.  Look at everything first with silence.