Curatorial project of prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev, assoc. Tsvetoslav Hristov, prof. Emil Popov

Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Shipka 6 Str.

08.03 - 18.03.2017

This exhibition is a personal explanation for the things of life. It consists in two parts and the first one was made last year. These are the sculptures, that were named "Transfigurations". The concept of the characters, who defending their positions in a harsh environment plays a major role. These are figures from tat and wood that are literally in the process of transformation. They are changing in order to be able to resist in the unfavorable environment in which they are located. The second part of the project consists of three-dimensional drawings that complete  the story, based on the object and relationships between the characters. They have already situated in a forest, symbolizing a new safety place, as far as can be accepted, and there they enter into definite relations.

I  underscore highly on the erotic moment in the exhibition, that affirms  the continuous transformations by which the characters will be able to exist in a changing reality of time.

All my works have been created in the royal stables - a special place for me, filled with peace, closed between two boulevards, which is in a particularly situation at the moment. The first exposure of these works was precisely there, in the courtyard outside. In fact they can be seen as a puzzle to put together in different situations and ways, which I find  interesting. Each situation leads to a new combination and itself reacts in a different way.

Martian Tabakov