Plein-air painting and sculpture

Art Center Vihroni Dolno Kamartsi - 2016

Participants: Elena Velikova, Silviya Bogoeva, Yavor Kostadinov, Delia Stoyanova, Hristo Antonov, Hristina Drenska - Tita, Elina Simeonova, Stefan Kotzev, Svetlin Demirev, Nicolay Tsvetanov, Maria Malinova, Yana Karamandzhukova, Anatoly Jonchev, Georgi Todorov.

Friends and colleagues,

As incredible and strange as it is in our confused and devoid of spirituality time there happen meaningful and beautiful things. When one manifestation of hope is repeated, we can already be hoped taht is born something new and different from the informal inertia, which wield our effors. I always thought taht the real collector in a certain sense is also the discoverer. 

It’s very important to have a serious art measure and criteria for the valuable in life of art, without this the collector’s ambition becomes a mailbox in which you don’t know what will fall. But even more important is to find and bet, in a certain sense to risk on the unfamiliar and the unknown, that is born now and start walking in the world of art. That, the man of business like Todor Staykov, who started his collection with classics and established artists, selected and sought the next day of Bulgarian art in the youngest, in their first school events, makes it a true pioneer with all the risks and surprises that time and the authors can served us.
Timely helping hand is as saving for the future, as real rationalization of the present! I don’t know whether it is emotional urge or deeply thoughtout philosophy of the collector, but last year and also this one, the actual results are his and of the young artists too, and of all who lives with the real development of our art. Along with that this noble artistic action would not have been possible without the natural environment and professional attitude that so charitably provide them professor Vihroni Popnedelev.
I have a feeling that he accepts the achievements of young people as own and actually it is!
This home, this incredible artistic commune is not only creative, but also public example from which is not bad our statesmen and politicians to learn at least a little. And as long as they live, unfortunately, and still will live the unfulfilled illusions of the dream for "State of the spirit" we will have to continue to dig,
plow and sow and hope that the time and effort will donate fruits of hope.

I dare to thank primarily of young colleagues, with whom we met today, of Todor Staykov and Vihroni that
turned Dolno Kamartsi in spiritual workshop!

And this is something like a bright spot in the timelessness that our destiny was determined.

Good luck!

Svetlin Rusev

2nd of September, 2016